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The Problem

Library websites can be hard for librarians to manage, hard for patrons to use, and out-of-date from a design perspective. An old website can turn off users and impede the access, use, and impact of library resources and services.

The Solution

NC LIVE is offering a LibGuides-based web template for North Carolina libraries that features:
  1. An easy-to-use interface. LibGuides is the most common CMS used across North Carolina libraries and is a good tool for scaffolding the design and production process.
  2. Contemporary, attractive design. The templates were designed by UNC Creative and feature a clean aesthetic and a user-focused interface. The web templates will also be mobile-responsive (will look great on computer browsers, tablets, and phones) and will meet the latest WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.
  3. Customization. Libraries are free to tailor the templates as much as they desire to their needs and aesthetic.


There are two templates that libraries may choose from. One features a more search-centered interface, while the other features a programming-centered interface. You can view more of the basic design in our Best Practices and Implementation Guide and see a video preview in this webinar.

What You'll Get

The website service package comes with:

  • A library homepage template.
  • One additional interior page template, which you can use for as many pages as you like.
  • Our Best Practices & Implementation Guide. Additionally, LibGuides training will be available via the State Library's Train Station.


There is a one-time $300 fee for NC LIVE member libraries. Non-NC LIVE members can contact for pricing.

Technical Requirements

  • A LibGuides v.2 account with administrative rights.
  • Hosted site (or access to your server).
  • Permissions to make changes to your website.

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